Product OVerview

The purpose of our TVSS is to ensure that your oilfield equipment keeps producing longer when lighting strikes. The energy of a pulse surge from lightning or switching is limited to the specified voltage of our device using Metal Oxide Varistors, (MOV’s). The MOV’s absorb the energy and dissipate it as heat into the air for our 480 V equipment and into specially engineered epoxy that remains pliable to allow expansion and contraction without cracking for all of our high voltage models.

SubSaver® Comparison

You can’t stop lightning, but you can stop the damage.

Why you need it:

  • Eliminate lost production from failure
  • Protect your investment in equipment and installation
  • Avoid explosion disaster and repair costs
  • Prevent degradation of the ESP cable down to the motor
  • Reduce recovery from a catastrophic strike to replacement of a TVSS.

Why Choose Us:

  • We’ve spent 20 years protecting well sites from lost production and expensive equipment replacement and pull and run repairs.
  • SubSaver® is manufactured with a steel case, hinged lid with clamps on all sides, explosion vent holes on the bottom, and is potted in the highest grade industrial epoxy. This is a rugged, explosion-proof product. 
  • We are an original equipment manufacturer allowing close oversight of every step of production including 6 DC tests, 3 phase-to-phase, and 3 phase-to-ground of all 6 mode products.
  • All of our products are tested in Lightning Technologies laboratory in Pittsfield, MA with a simulated lightning strike to ensure the design and materials do not fail.


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