Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor

Oilfield Lightning Protection


We protect your equipment- giving you longer run life that eliminates lost production and repair cost.

VFD do not permit surges. If your cable armor fails, you’ve been struck.

SubSaver brand TVSS are designed & manufactured to be the best-made, longest-lasting surge protector.

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Protecting your oil production from equipment failures caused by lightning surges

Pump failure caused by surge or lightning means costly repairs and lost production. SubSaver® products protect both your equipment on the surface and especially downhole. While no one can claim to eliminate all lightning hazard, SubSaver® employs 40 years of experience in oilfield electronics and ESP design to limit lightning and switching surge damage down to zero. For the last 20 years, SubSaver has performed field surveys and tweaked our product design for efficiency and above all safety. Our products have never exploded or caused injury.


We’ll keep you pumping through the storm

Order your SubSaver® now, or contact us to determine the right product and installation. We’ll supervise initial installation with the purchase of any SubSaver® product.